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For smoother, finer shape of the body with Ultrasonic Cavitation
Alternatively see Fascia Lifting


What is Ultra Cavitation and what does it do?
Ultra cavitation is an ultrasonic wave that allows for ultrasonic lipolysis under a fluid medium such as the body to help reduce fat deposits under the skin. Ultra Cavitation allow for fat cells to be damaged at the frequency of 35-40KHz which then become eliminated through lymph metabolism. Although Ultra Cavitation is a great treatment to reduce cellulite, it is not limited to treating only cellulite. It is effective in also treating swelling, and reducing the surface of fat layer under the dermis layer of the skin. 


Thus, Ultra Cavitation helps by:

  • stimulating circulation

  • mechanically break down fat cells

  • mechanically break down scar tissue

  • stimulate collagen production 

  • reduce cellulite

  • increase shape and slimming of the body

What Causes Cellulite?


DNA might be one of the factors where it may be inevitable, but can control it's amount through treatment.


Sedentary lifestyle influence lack of circulation causing lack of oxygen & nourishment.


Decreased elasticity cause fat cells to accumulate which then protrude through connective tissue.


Decreases estrogen which decrease circulation which lacks oxygen and nourishment to the area.

Ultra Cavitation Information Guide

The Results

  • Reduce fat mass

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Slim body shape

  • Smooth body shape

Recommended Sessions
Once every 1-2 weeks for 5-10 treatments

Treatment Time


20-40 minute based per body area 

Maximum of 2 body areas per session

Post Care

  • Increase water intake

  • Increase blood circulation by exercise or brisk walking



What are the contraindications of Ultra Cavitation?

Clients with these conditions should avoid ultra cavitation treatments:

  • weak liver or liver damage

  • weak kidney or kidney damage

  • numb or insensitive to heat

  • epileptic

  • immunodeficient

  • weak heart or heart failure

  • open lesions

  • skin disease

How should I prepare for Ultra Cavitation?

  • reduce alcohol intake at least 2 days prior for treatment 

  • refrain from using anti-inflammatory substances (e.g., ibuprofen) at least 2 days prior for treatment

  • avoid skin treatments (e.g., IPL treatments) at least 2 weeks prior

  • avoid sun exposure at least 1 week prior for treatment

  • Skin irritants (e.g., Acutane) must be discontinued for 3 months for treatment 

  • Medication (e.g., anti-inflammatories) must be discontinued for treatment 

These should recommendations should be followed even after the treatment is over.

Please contact your doctor for any other concerns not listed above.

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