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Long Term Hair Removal


Tired of waxing or shaving? Want a long term solution? Try Laser Hair Removal!

What is laser hair removal?
Using Intense Pulse Light (IPL), each hair follicle that gets direct contact with the headpiece will be targeted to produce less hair overtime while the surrounding skin is undamaged. The energy targets melanin (color) which will pass down to the roots of the follicle resulting in thinner, less in number and slower growing hairs. 

What kind of machine do we use?
With the use of improved technology, our machine provides one of the fastest and relatively painless experience in the market. The Luxor proves to be one of the fastest and painless models of IPL machines out in the market. 

What does it feel like? 
You will feel a warmth in the treated area with some "elastic band hitting off the skin" sensation, more so if as the hairs are thicker. Over each session, the targeted hairs will thin out allowing a more smoother process. However, thanks to our machine's recent technology, our In-Motion technology and cooling tip, you will feel minimal pain.

What should I expect?
After each session (even after 1 session), you will notice your hairs become finer, grow less in quantity and also grow much, much slower. The targeted hairs will start to fall out of the skin 10-14 days after the treatment. New hairs will grow in thinner and softer for us to treat for the upcoming sessions. The skin may feel warm after the treatment, but there is absolutely no down time. However, it is necessary to avoid prolonged sun exposure 1 week before and 2 weeks after the laser treatment.

How can I get started?
Call us for a consultation as our friendly professionals will go over any questions you may have. To start with Laser Hair Removal, all that is required is that waxing/plucking has been ceased for at least 2 weeks and the area of concern is shaved as short as possible 6-12 hours prior to the actual treatment to prevent irritation of the skin. Irritation would be caused from the shaving, not the laser.

Single Session

6 sessions 

Full Back
Full Legs








Upper & Lower Lip



Full Body (excludes face)




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