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What is Shockwave therapy and what does it do?
Shockwave therapy is an acoustic wave; compressed air (not electricity) that allows for lipolysis (death of fat cells) under a fluid medium such as the body to help reduce fat deposits under the skin. This results in the reduction of fat cells and smoothing of the subcutaneous layer, resulting a smoothing and slimming self.

Important proteins in the skin such as collagen and elastin get stimulated for greater production, as well as remodelling of pre-existing proteins to promote healthier, tighter, and smoother skin. 

Thus, Shockwave therapy helps by:

  • Body:

    • Reducing cellulite

    • Reducing fat mass 

    • Rounder and lifted butt

  • Face:

    • Reducing wrinkles and pore size; improving skin tone and texture

  • Overall:

    • Stimulating blood and lymph circulation

    • Break down scar tissue

    • Stimulate and remodel collagen and elastin production 

Quick Shockwave Information Guide

Ideal Clients

Those willing to

1. Incorporate exercise into plan

2. Incorporate healthy eating into plan

3. Reduce nicotine intake (smoking)

Recommended Sessions
8 sessions recommended for best results.
Treated 1-2 a week.
Maintenance varies.

Treatment Time

Each treatment will take approximately 45 minute per session per body area.


Several body areas can be targeted per session. 

Post Care

No down time


Avoid consumption of anti-inflammatory medication/products

Reducing/abstaining from nicotine intake

Results require 8-12 weeks to see final results of the treatment plan. 

Exercise and a healthy diet is recommended along with the treatment plan.

Studies have shown to reduce cellulite on thighs and buttocks and that results may vary. 

Studies have shown to increase skin tightening. Results may vary. 


$399 - Single session

$3192 - Package of 8

30% OFF VIP Members 

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