Happy Labor Day & Back-to-School!
Targeting skin concerns after the summer months allow for optimal results

PHYT'S FACIALS - 8 Sessions - Free Gift + 50% OFF product order
Certified Organic, Laboratory tested, Luxury French Skincare for various skin concerns.
*Skin transformation requires 1 treatment per week. 
$1432-$1832 / VIP Members extra 10% OFF
Receive 50% OFF your PHYT's product order including a complimentary gift with the purchase of a facial series

DermaPlaning + IPL - 3 Sessions
Create a new canvas for your skin needs to target skin texture, pores, redness and more. 
$499 / VIP Members extra 10% OFF
Reg.: $984

Radio Frequency - 3 sessions
Tighten and re-active your skin. Targets youth proteins such as collagen and elastin  

Non-invasive, no downtime, 45 minute treatment. 

Price $449 / VIP Members extra 10% OFF

Reg.: $897