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We invite you to experience our exclusive
Polarized Anti-Aging Light Therapy

Did we mention we are the ONLY clinic in Toronto offering you this new age service?
Millions of people from around the world are turning to POLARIZED LASER THERAPY for a non-invasive healing light therapy procedure to enjoy a more healthier and youthful outcome. The Hungarian-made device has been voted the number one anti-aging device at the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress in Paris. Several international medical experts have presented the effects of ACTIVEBIO light therapy in Anti-Aging conferences in London, Paris, Monte-Carlo, Warsaw and Bucharest demonstrating that the penetrating polarized light is clinically proven to:



Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity, uneven skin tone and even acne.

Healing & Inflammation:

Faster healing and decreased pain of joints and tendons through decreased inflammation, increased immune cell migration, and increased connective tissue repair.


What does it do and how long will I need to be treated for? 

Clinical research has demonstrated that ACTIVEBIO has a positive stimulating effect on specific cells in the skin known as fibroblasts, which results in the production of collagen and elastin. Safe and non-invasive treatment with ACTIVEBIO for only 30 minutes per week.


Penetrating beams of light continuously re-build collagen beneath the skin’s surface, our high technology can be combined with cosmetic creams (for esthetical purposes) for even greater microcirculation and a firmer, brighter look in as little as two weeks.













What does polarized light mean?
The main effect of polarized light is the bio-stimulation effect that enhances cell activities, accelerates the regeneration process and the formation of new cells and tissues. The lamp emits special polarized light in the visible range that leads to photo-bio-stimulation in the skin, and increases micro-circulation. Natural light vibrates in all directions. In polarized light the light waves move in parallel plains. A polarizer transforms unpolarized light into polarized light by absorbing some of the light and selectively allowing the rest to pass through. Using the lamp on a regular basis promotes wound healing and leads to better cosmetic results, less visible scars and faster healing skin. In connection with wound healing scientists have proven that polarized light therapy improves micro-circulation, stimulation of the deposition of collagen fibers, promotion of the body’s regeneration processes and reduces inflammation.


Treatments available:

  • Healing of ulcers, burns and surgical incisions,

  • Healing of musculoskeletal injuries to joints and tendons

  • Faster cell formation

  • Reduce inflammation (joints & tendons)

  • Increase in collagen and elastin 

  • Reduction of acne 

  • Microcirculation - oxygen, nutrition to skin cells

  • Faster cell formation

  • Hair Growth: Increase hair growth on scalp



Polarized Light Skin Rejuvenation
Includes Active Air Oxygen 3

Polarized Laser Hair Stimulation

Includes Acupuncture

VIP $111.30 / Reg $159 per session

VIP $1329.30 / $1899 for 12 sessions

VIP $83.30 / Reg $119 per session

VIP $909.30 / Reg $1299 for 12 sessions

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