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AGE Glow Booster (series of 3)

AGE Glow Booster (series of 3)

C$149.00 Regular Price
C$119.20Sale Price

20% July 2024 sale

A 10-minute add-on to any Facial Treatments.  


For all skin types



  • Glowy skin aka Glass skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Smaller pores
  • Improved skin texture


What it is

  • Glow Boost AGE
    • Electroporation Professional Beauty care Glow Poration Technology gives a hydra & inner glow effect. AGE-R Booster creates temporary passageways on the skin layer, rapidly passing active ingredients, helps to bring back skin radiance. For effective skincare absorption.


  • Glow Boost PORE
    • Needle-free pore-tightening dermapen The ATS Air Shot is a needle-free device that helps to accelerate absorption. It helps maximize the effects when used along with skincare and obtain non-damaging skin passageways that, depending on the products used with it, helps improve skin conditions, brighten the skin and accelerate absorption.
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