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Perfect Future Ampoules 7x2ml

Perfect Future Ampoules 7x2ml


Smoothing effect on signs of skin aging


Valuable anti-aging ampoule with innovative immediate firming effect. It helps skin that is in need of regeneration, due to age-related changes, to gain new vitality. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid and silica promote the development of an improved skin structure. The effective formula of Age Refine contains the proven isoflavones of Iris Florentina in a highly dosed form and thus inhibits the age-related, enzymatic reduction of collagen and elastin.


Main ingredients

  • Iris Isoflavone: collagen- and elastin protecting, wrinkle-reducing
  • Collagen/Sea collagen: moisture-binding and retaining, improving the elasticity and tension
  • Liftonin®: improving the elasticity and tension
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