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Luxor Spectrum

IPL hair removal + Skin Rejuvenation + E-light 


The fastest, no hassle, painless, in-motion technology available in one machine.

Easy touch screen features of IPL skin rejuvenation, IPL hair removal, and e-light treatments.

Gentle but effective for skin types 1-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale by allowing low to high levels of Joules for broad range of results. 


  1. Long lasting to permanent Hair Removal - energy targets melanin in hair follicles to damage the roots resulting in reduction of hair quantity, thickness and speed of the hair growth.

  2. Skin Rejuvenation - smooths and evens out skin texture & tone by means of shrinking pores, promoting collagen growth.

  3. Pigmentation Removal - Various types of pigmentation including sun spots, age spots, acne pigmentation, chloasma.

  4. Vascular Removal - Target of mild rosacea, hereditary skin rosiness, early acne blemishes.

  5. Acne Termination - Target of acne bacteria from the roots to allow termination of blemish and access to heal current condition. Prevention of future out breaks.

  6. Gel Usage - Although not necessary, we recommend to line the skin with a clear, scentless gel to allow protection of client's skin.





















The Luxor Spectrum’s headpieces filter violet light as well as infrared light which eradicate pigment underlying the skin while keeping skin unharmed. The system automatically will be on default setting allowing simple functions and safe treatments. The frequency of The Luxor is at 1-8Hz compared to conventional machines which are at 0.3-1Hz permitting shorter sessions per client. This allows our in-Motion Technology to reduce treatment time by 50% allowing businesses to generate higher revenue with less time invested. Our water circuit technology allows water temperature, water levels, and water flow to be functional at all times to prevent the machine from overheating. All parts are stainless to prevent components from rusting and to expand the lifespan of the crystal and filters.

Although The Luxor has been created with built in safety mechanisms, there is a safety button below the touch screen to entirely shut down the machine. This will avert any emergency situation from occurring.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, consistent results, safety and higher revenue, the Luxor is your first choice.


Caring for the Luxor

Our Luxor system is assembled for a user-friendly experience. We recommend all professionals to:

  1. Wipe down the screen, and headpiece after each use with Medical Wipes to kill off all bacteria and viruses.

  2. Go back to the main page before shutting down the machine.

  3. Remove/attach old/new headpieces while the machine is shut down.

  4. Renewing headpieces after recommended number of shots. (Warning will show)

  5. Do not pulse the headpiece unless it is covered by skin, or fabric.

  6. Checking water levels 1-2 times a year depending on frequency of use.

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