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What will I benefit off of this plan?
* Weight loss and inch loss

* Increased energy and overall improved immune system function
* Balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system with increased oxygen levels 
* Complete detoxification of the entire body at the cellular level

* Improved organ function


What you will receive:

* A series of massage gun treatments
* A series of Active Air (Oxygen 3) treatments
* A complete meal plan

* Daily assistance and support (if needed) by our friendly professionals
* A post-care program

Our customized 30-90 day weight loss program includes a complete overview of your situation, health, eating habits and more to put together a meal plan for the period but also develop habits to maintain in the future. In addition, there will be 2 clinical visitations per week, combining acupuncture and Polarized laser therapy for overall detoxification of the major organs to allow maximum fat burn and increase circulation.


Given that every situation varies, all individuals will have different needs. We do administer an all natural supplement that gives you maximum benefits, but that is determined while we go over your health history.

Our weight loss program is one of our most requested this year. Results with previous clients have been nothing but phenomenal.

To give you a brief overview, we sit down for a complimentary consultation where we go over your medical history and gather some information before proceeding with any type of treatment . Our programs are 30, 60 and 90 day consisting of series of oxygen treatments, acupuncture, a nutritional guideline, skin tightening and\or polarized laser treatments, depending on the  individual. Some of our clients have lost up to 28 lbs in 60 days and lost up to 18 inches ( from overall body circumference) .

30 days ( in clinic visit 2 x per week) - $2000
60 days ( in clinic visit 2 x per week)- $3500
90 days ( in clinic visit 2 x per week) - $4200

VIP Members receive 15% OFF

Payment options are available for the 2 and 3 month programs.
Come in for a free, no obligation consultation.

* We pride ourselves in offering a completely regulated, customized weight loss solutions so you can live your best life. If correct protocols are followed, there are zero side effects with our program. Working with only medical professionals who are caring and eager to assist you in your health and wellness goals, we offer a friendly, clinical environment where you will feel welcome and most importantly, feel the results.

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